Lynx & Kemo's 'The Raw Truth' reviewed

29 April 2009 - , ,

Vocal albums are relatively rare in Drum & Bass and have also been executed with varying degrees of success; so it was with a degree of trepidation that I put ‘The Raw Truth' on. Released on Marcus Intalex's Soul:R record label, there was a certain level of quality control assured but could the duo extend the chemistry that was so obvious on their first releases and apply it to a full length album?

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Lynx and Kemo Interview - The Raw Truth LP

8 April 2009 - , ,

Drum and Bass has been waiting a long time for an act that could combine musical diversity with crowd pleasing success, and Lynx and Kemo has been worth the wait! You will see no better proof than the super clubs of London, where dance floors are ripped up on a weekly basis by Carnivale, Global Enemies, Skylines or one of the many other tracks in their current repertoire.

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Phat 09 - A punters account

25 February 2009 - , , , , , , ,

Well Phat lovers, it's time to peddle our hazy memories back a couple of notches and dip back to the madness of the festival that was Phat 09.....for those that find the task challenging, worry not!!! The blank spaces shall be filled (Or we will just make something up which will be just as interesting)

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Lynx and Alix Perez

17 June 2008 - , , , ,

If you're down with some forward thinking, funky, refreshing Drum and Bass, then the duo of Alix Perez and Lynx are the guys you want to see.

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International Artist Tour Update

20 May 2008 - , , , , ,

With the long running klute tour having just run its course, whats next on the International DJ line up within New Zealand. Well, loads! First to pop through are Alix Perez and Lynx, followed not to far away by D-Bridge, for a two week/5 stop tour. More info in article..

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