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3 December 2007 - , , ,

Time. That is exactly what I need more of. And it's this time of year where I, and I'm sure all of us, get reminded of that fact so often.

As it is, and as you probably have noticed, the number of events in the events list and the front page has somewhat slowed down of late, and while I can attribute some of the blame to a lack of free time recently, a little bit comes down to my slacking.

So for that I apologise and will get onto sorting things out today/tonight* and the update will hopefully see you well into the new year and beyond.

Of course, if you want to do a little digging, you can sign up to the forum and check the local events forum - theres always plenty going on in there.

Take care,

*make that today, Tuesday the 4th ;) - New Zealands Drum and Bass, Breakbeat and Dubstep Community - © Bassdrop LTD 2001 - 2016

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