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Roll TV celebrates its 2nd year running this weekend, with a party all up in your face down in Fu Bar. If you didn't already know, Roll TV is New Zealand's only on air show dedicated to our very own Drum and Bass scene. Hosted by top DJs (and top notch dudes to boot) Charlie B and Funkshun, alongside freestylin' MC Billy Fluid, it's a must see for any Kiwi Junglist. Check the rest of the article for more info...

ROLL TV is a Saturday night show dedicated to the world of Drum & Bass, Breaks and Jungle.

Presented by Charlie B, Billy Fluid & DJ Funkshun, the show is set to become one of the most community oriented shows in music TV. ROLL has been lucky enough to broadcast exclusive interviews with some of the most prolific names in the industry including State Of Mind, Artificial Intelligence, Greg Packer, Spikey Tee, Timmy Schumacher, Chris Su, DJ Fatal, Agent Alvin, Concord Dawn, D Bridge and The Upbeats. As well being one of the most dynamic music shows around, you also get to see rare music videos that do not see the light of day on commercial TV.

Also featured on the show is a segment entitled 'Trainspot' where DJ Funkshun talks about up'n'coming D&B releases. We have a nationwide D&B gig guide, music production tips, loads of giveaways and a live-to-air freestyle with one of the highest rated MC's in Aotearoa...Billy Fluid!

Make sure to tune in every Saturday night from 10-11pm and become part of the world's ever growing drum and bass community.

Text random words or topics to '258' and Billy Fluid will do a 3 minute, live-to-air freestyle using these words. It will BLOW YOUR BRAINS!!!

For all you 'Trainspotters' out there, DJ FUNKSHUN (Infusion Magazine) will be giving you a run-down on all the DnB tunes that have just been released, as well as forth-coming tunes . He'll also let you know when and where you can get promos, picture-discs and special mixes. Some week's he'll even have promo CD's/Vinyl to give-away, so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

I have been producing and DJing Drum and Bass for 7 years. I've been DJing for 12 years in total. Music is all good, it's the one thing that has kept me from going loopy over the years!

I live on Waiheke Island. This is where I grew up. There are alot of fruit loops here! Good ones! Waiheke is a little island 35 minutes from Auckland, New Zealand. I am lucky enough to be able to rock a dark-and-dirty DnB party in Auckland, then cruise home on a ferry, breathing in the fresh sea air, as i return home to my island paradise.

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