Phat 09 - A punters account

25 February 2009 - , , , , , , ,

Well Phat lovers, it's time to peddle our hazy memories back a couple of notches and dip back to the madness of the festival that was Phat 09.....for those that find the task challenging, worry not!!! The blank spaces shall be filled (Or we will just make something up which will be just as interesting)

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Bass Frontiers 10th Birthday - Drumz09 - DDog Interview

24 February 2009 - , , , , , ,

When you look at the number of gigs happening in Wellington these days, it's hard to believe that 10 years ago we were missing out on most of the big international tours coming through the country. Enter Bass Frontiers. In the past decade they have brought Welly to the forefront of the national drum & bass scene, with many big names listing it as one of their preferred cities to play. With that in mind, this Saturday they're celebrating their 10th birthday and, true to form, it promises to be one hell of a party. With two of the most respected DJs in drum & bass holding down the decks, it promises to be a night not to forget. Matt Baseline sat down with DDog this week to reminisce about parties past and look forward at what is to come.

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Serious Business Phat09 Interview - The Upbeats

23 February 2009 - , , , , , , ,

Joachim has a chat to the Upbeats about Bringing in the New year at Phat09 once again, the commitment of the punters at Phat, their plans for the new year and who would win out of a fight between a Wolf and a Snake. Click 'More' to see the clip.

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Serious Business Phat09 Interview - Concord Dawn

23 February 2009 - , , , , , , ,

Joachim has a chat with Matty C of Concord Dawn about life, touring, sexual depravity and what he loves about New Zealand, amongst other random junk. Click 'More' to see the clip.

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Organikismness - Site and Podcast

20 February 2009 - , , , , , ,

Organik _ism_ness; aka Alison Harley and Harry Bretherton, is one of NewZealands most versatile drum and bass outfits having been based in Nelson, Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch throughout the last 5 years, producing many forms of drum and bass and dub their sound is distinct but ever changing.

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s Guilt upon Accusation Laws

19 February 2009 - , , , , , ,

As the natural world meets the digital  opportunities are opening up for artists to connect with new audiences across the world. However, with the digitisation of media the lines between use and copy have become blurred. Laws regulating the act of copying have failed to keep pace with technology and soon ISPs will be forced to take down internet connections and websites of anyone accused (not convicted) of copyright infringement.  Copyright law is now having the effect of limiting artists, restricting businesses, and harming public rights. The Creative Freedom Foundation speaks for artists concerned at this trend and through Our Goals  we seek to bring Copyright Law into the 21st  Century.

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Teknik Podcast - Round 1

19 February 2009 - , , , , , ,

One of New Zealands hardest working producers, Teknik, has started up a podcast, and you know its bound to be filled with tasty tech treats and smatterings of New Zealand drum and bass. Read on for tracklist and link.

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Kilotone - Waitaha [Tour Video]

18 February 2009 - , , , ,

WAITAHA by maitreya off the album CLOSE TO HOME. Live video from the WAITAHA WINTER TOUR thru NZ, UK, HOLLAND and HONG KONG! WAITAHA was nominated at the 2008 Silver Scrolls for the APRA Maioha Award for Contemporary Maori Song Writing. Check out more of maitreya's music at

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Marcus Intalex Interview

17 February 2009 - , , ,

18 plus years in the game and innovative still, Manchester’s Marcus Intalex has been part of the rave/dance music scene since day one, following the mercurial strands of modern day club tempo electronic music from techno to drum and bass and beyond. DJ, event promoter, radio host and record label boss, Marcus has done it all and still found the time to alongside the likes of ST Files and Calibre, produce some of the most forward thinking, energetic, soulful and groove heavy drum and bass tunes to hit drum and bass distributor record release sheets and store bins to date; period.

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Phat09 Video Clip

16 February 2009 - , , ,

Phat09 put together this small clip to thank their crew, sponsors and punters. Read more to see the clip.

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