The Upbeats - Interview about their album/live tour

20 November 2007 - , , , , ,

This week The Upbeats second album, "Nobody's Out There", dropped around New Zealand stores, and at the end of the week the boys are doing two live shows in Wellington and Christchurch to promote it. I had a quick chat with Jeremy Glenn (one half of the duo, the other being Dylan Jones), about the album, the live act and whats to come....

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Phat08 Interview - Phace

16 November 2007 - , , ,

The last interview for the Phat08 giveaway, Matt Searle talks to Florian, one half of the awesome neurofunk duo from Germany, Phace. Remember, the compeittion closes on the 18th of November, so head to the bottom of the interview for your last chance to enter.

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Redeyes Interview

13 November 2007 - ,

With Redeyes' landing in New Zealand this week for a two stop midweek tour, New Zealand get the rare chance to savour the french DnB sound. Phixx, who is playing at both his Wellington (Wednesday, Sandwiches) and Auckland (Thursday, Carpark) dates puts some questions to him - read on.

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Phat08 Interview - Misanthrop

12 November 2007 - , , , , , ,

The second in the series of Phat08 artist interviews, Matt Searle puts some questions to Misanthrop from Germany. Head to the bottom of the interview for another chance to enter for the free Phat08 ticket.

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The Upbeats (feat Georgie) - Thinking Cap - Music Vid

8 November 2007 - , , ,

'Thinking Cap' is a single from the recently released album by The Upbeats, Nobody's Out There. Featuring amazing vocalist, Georgie, the melodic tune is one to pull the emotional strings of even the most die hard Drum and Bass fan. Check the superb music video, made by Mofresh animation -

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Rumble in the Jungle 2007 Final Mixes

7 November 2007 - , , , ,

The Rumble in the Jungle was almost a month ago, but thought it worth putting these mixes up in the news once the initial rush to download them had subsided. During the night I recorded the sets of all the DJs (apart from Krafts 1st set - lucky he got through to the 2nd round I guess!). Read on to download - I only have tracklists from some of the DJs. I highly recommend the final, top 2 mix. Its insane.

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Upcoming gigs

6 November 2007 - , ,

Not much more to say about this weeks gig except, HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE!!!

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The New Zealand EP

6 November 2007 - , , , , ,

Well, personally seems kinda odd that it took a Dutch label to come out with an EP named 'The New Zealand' EP, but I guess Abel Tasman was dutch and he discovered us, so the link is there....somewhere. Anyway, stole this info from Dogs on Acid - read on to find out the details of Citrus Recordings 'New Zealand EP'.

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Outdoor Festival Website - just in time for summer!

6 November 2007 - , ,

A website devoted to the outdoor festivals that occur around New Zealand has been launched just recently. It has info on all the major outdoor festivals and helpful hints and tips for people going along to them. Check it out at

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Double Negative interviewed on spanish website

5 November 2007 - ,

Wellington breakbeat duo, Double Negative, share some thoughts about themselves and their music with a spanish breaks website. Check the interview here. You can also check a recent DnB mix they put together here.  

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