Upcoming for week 23/07/07 - 29/07/07

23 July 2007 - , , , , ,

Posting this from sunny brisbane - well the locals here are complaining about the cold, but when its double the temperature we were regulary having in Wellington over the last month, you won't here me complain one smidgen.

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New Kiwi Breakbeat on Wax

19 July 2007 - , , ,

Over the last few weeks NZ breaks producers Agent Alvin, Timmy Schumacher, Minuit and Antiform have all had releases come out on vinyl. You can pick these up from most good record stores across the country or from Juno.

Agent Alvin vs Timmy schumacher Willy the pimp on Ape big tune

Minuit Except you LBJ RMX

Antiform Boombox

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Brand New NZ DnB Label - Samurai Music

19 July 2007 - , , , , , , ,

Posted on bassdrop was a quick update from Samurai Distribution owner, DJ Presha, about his new label - Samurai Music. The label is to showcase the finest talent from producers either from New Zealand or strongly linked to New Zealand. Initial releases will be from State of Mind, Trei, Klute and Mosus.

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Upcoming for week 16/07/07 - 22/07/07

18 July 2007 - , , , , , , ,

Big week for the locals this week, as everyone takes a rest from the International DnB pressure that has been such a presence in the last few months.

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Rumble in the Jungle Reminder

18 July 2007 - , , , ,

A quick reminder to get your entries in to Rumble in the Jungle if you want to win the big prize! Entries close 27th of July at 5pm, however, if you have registered online by then, I am giving an extended period of up until 5pm on the 1st of August to get your mix to me.

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Teebee Interview

11 July 2007 - , , , , ,

Cashmere Drumz DJ from Dunedin, Drop, caught up with Teebee last night to have a chat about his upcoming tour, the album and drum n bass in general:

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Upcoming for week 9/07/07 - 15/07/07

9 July 2007 - , , , , , , ,

Last week was probably the most interesting week I have endured for quite sometime. Having had shoulder surgery to fix a problem I've had since falling off a skateboard in 2001 (+2 streed cred right there), I then proceeded to fall victim to a reaction with the pain medication they gave me for post op care. Scarey business. Regardless, I am fine now, the shoulder is healing well and I am looking forward to raising my left goats in the very near future.

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Upcoming for week 2/06/07 - 8/06/07

4 July 2007 - , ,

Hey ho.

Ultra busy this week, so just a quick note.

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