CERN Interview

31 May 2007 - , , ,

Just in time for the end of NZ Music Month we reach Auckland. Local production crew CERN has been making waves for a while now and we thought it was about time to pick their brains and put the results online. Covering topics like power ballads and vintage mirrors, Matt Searle's interview with Jonny and Ollie (2/3 of CERN) contains your whole day's requirement of thought-provoking topics.

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Hollie Smith signed to major US label

30 May 2007 - , , , ,

Hollie Smith, the amazing vocalist featured in Concord Dawns 'Say Your Words' on Metalheadz, is winging her way over to LA to join the stable of one of the largest music labels in the world.

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Upcoming for week 28/05/2007 to 04/06/2007

28 May 2007 - , , ,

God save the Queen. And why not, she gives us a holiday in the middle of the year when all we can usually think about is how long until daylight savings kicks back in.

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Nanotek Interview

23 May 2007 - , , ,

Continuing through May, we leap the Cook Strait and sit down with Wellington's resident freak, Nanotek. After spending several years sculpting his sound, early this year he received the call-up from Dylan to become part of the Freak Recordings crew. For a producer with no releases to get such an offer speaks volumes for the quality of music bursting from Nanotek's studio. Known for the depth and brutality of his tunes, Matt Searle runs a few questions by him to see what makes him tick.

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Upcoming for week 20/05/07 - 27/05/07

22 May 2007 - , , , , ,

Wow - I don't know about you guys, but I really dig international DJs coming to NZ for a full 2 week tour. Klutes 'Emporers New Clothes' Tour just wrapped up and with massive gigs all throughout the country, I'm sure he'll be leaving a happy man. If you didn't get a chance to witness Klute, then some consolation will be this interview, that Charlie B from Roll TV conducted.

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Vanadis - Enter the Blue EP

18 May 2007 - , , , ,

Vanadis, the duo of Dunedin producers known for their lush soundscapes in Drum and Bass, have completed a five track EP titled "Enter the Blue".

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Dose Interview

17 May 2007 - , , , ,

Continuing with NZ Music Month we move North, but only just, to Christchurch and local producer/dj Dose. Dose has been part of the Christchurch drum and bass scene for a few years and upon turning his hand to production has gained interest from some of the scene's biggest players. With his debut vinyl release due to drop on full release any time soon, Matt Searle runs some questions by him to find out what big things he's bringing our way!

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Vinyl - MP3 Hybrid Created

16 May 2007 - , , ,

While many DnB labels now offer the option of a digital download for their releases, this doesn't help if you possibly still want the vinyl as you need to make two purchases. This is where UK label, World First Records, comes in. They offer a Vinyl-MP3 hybrid, which is effectivally a vinyl record that includes downloadable MP3s.

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Upcoming for week 14/05/07 - 20/05/07

14 May 2007 - , , , , , ,

Whoops, slight mistake on last weeks upcoming gigs, with Dose playing in Auckland THIS Saturday for part 3 of Cerns 'South in Session' gigs. I was lucky enough to catch a load of his new tunes down at the Ministry on Saturday and was damn impressed, head along.

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Upcoming Events for week 07/05/07 - 13/05/07

9 May 2007 - , ,
Klute emporersnewclothes200

Welcome to the new! Hope you all enjoy the changes, it was certainly a steep task to undertake with only a week in hand, but I think the end result was worth it. Thanks to Snax, Valve, Digitaleus and plenty of coffee for helping me get it all up and running.

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